Manage Your In-Store Marketing Better.

icon2 Scheduling and Calendar Overview
icon5 Reporting and analytics
icon7 Build Digital Coupons
icon8 Consumer Product Education
icon9 Build Customer Database
icon1 Hire and Manage fyld team

Scheduling and Calendar Overview

fyldworks easy scheduling creation and calendar overview allow managers and reps create a schedule. It also lets managers view who the fyld rep is, where they are and what they are doing. 

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Reporting and analytics

The analytics module shows a clear return on investment of in-store demonstrations conducted. It simply calculates the percentage between customers sampled versus customers purchased

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Build Digital Coupons

Build your customer database and enhance their product experience with digital coupons. You can build your own coupon campaigns how you want, when you want.

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Consumer Product Education

Engage your customers with mobile device education of your brand and product(s). Add high level key selling features so customers know right away what they are getting without looking at the package.

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Build Customer Database

The digital coupon functionality allows you to grab your end customers information and re-market them with future coupon or free gift campaigns.

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Hire and Manage fyld team

Our network of fyld reps allows our subscription based customers the ability to hire a fyldworks fyld rep or invite your current fyld reps to use fyldworks.

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Better Manage Your In Store Marketing

fyldworks was created to streamline fyld duties for representatives to make their lives easier and give clearer visibility to their managers.

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